Reduce Stress, Overwhelm, Exhaustinon, Anxiety & Depression

Learn Lifestyle Habits to Improve Asthma, Allergies & Autoimmune Disease

Develop Lasting Lifestyle Habits for Weight Loss, Type II Diabetes & High Blood Pressure

Enhance Your Child's Physical, Intellectual, Emotional & Spiritual Development 

Enhance Surgery and Illness Recovery

Safe & More Effective Core Training   

Improve Sport Performance


  • Power Point Presentation 

  • Assessment & Reflection Activities

  • PracticeTechniques, Skills, Exercises 

  • Create a Plan to Achieve Your Goals

  • Workshops Time Length is Adaptable to Your Group or Organization

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Health and well-being workshops for groups focus on educating individuals about the fundamentals of optimal health and healing: sleep, mindfulness/diaphragmatic breathing, nutriton, exercise and healthy relationships as it relates to disease. Whatever your goals may be: improving your A1C level, blood pressure, balance/walking, or how you feel each day; weight loss; asthmas, COPD, staying fit; improving you and your family's health; decreasing joint pain and inflammation; improving constipation; improving your energy & vitality; or living independently the rest of your life; the information and skills learned during the workshop will help you achieve your goals.  Simple healthy choices each day positively impact your health and well-being. Along with the educational information, individuals have the opportunity to participate in diaphragmatic breathing exercises, tai chi/qi gong movements, myofascial release techniques, simple whole body stretches, and body exercises.  The Focus: Becoming Your Best Self and Living a Life You Love! The skills practiced during clinics can be modified to fit your group's interests, time frame and needs.  


My children and I have dealt with severe food allergies, environmental allergies, chemical sensitivities, auto-immune diseases which predisposed us to pneumonias, viruses and flus, asthma and other health issues for years prompting me to research and to learn as much as possible about optimal health.  Improving our daily choices improved our health immensely with the guidance of doctors, nutritionists and naturopathic doctors. Through our struggles and triumphs, I feel blessed to be able to share what we have learned empowering others to take steps toward improving their health and well-being.   


                  You have the power to improve your health and to feel better!                    Your power lies in your daily choices! 







Pre- and Post Surgery clinics provide information and teach skills to enhance recovery and healing focusing on the health benefits of diaphragmatic breathing, relaxation techniques, ways to improve lymph flow, tai chi/qi gong along with proper sleep and proper nutrition.  Nutrition information will also provide individuals with knowledge of anti-inflammatory and inflammatory foods including a variety of herbal teas that decrease inflammation, ease pain, and increase antioxidant intake.  The focus for exercise is gradually incorporating appropriate exercise based upon your doctors' and therapists' recommendations beginning with simple movements of tai chi/qi gong and simple stretches.  


I am passionate about sharing how simple healthy choices can ease pain and improve healing and recovery after my personal experiences recovering from gall bladder, exploratory abdominal, periodontal and kidney stone surgeries as well as pneumonia and severe flus.  Asthma, food and environmental allergies, and Celiac Disease made healing and recovery more complicated for me, but I have learned how simple healthy choices with regard to nutrition, exercise, sleep and diaphragmatic breathing make a significant difference in healing and recovery.  Embrace your journey nurturing your mind, body and spirit with simple daily choices that improve your recovery and ultimately your health and well-being!


Turn setbacks and struggles into stepping stones

to improve your health and your quality of life!






Are you still doing sit-ups?  Do you have back/neck pain?  Want to tone your core and abs?  This workshop is for you!  Learn which exercises lead to back/neck pain and which exercises train your core safely and effectively.  You don't need to belong to a fancy, top-notch gym to stay in shape; you can train your core at home or even before, during, and/or after your walk/bike ride/jog in nature. 


Learn Safer & More Effective Abdominal & Core exercises! 





Have you tried all the gimmicks, diets, and fads to lose weight to no avail?  There is so much misinformation in the media about weight loss. Learn how balancing the fundamentals of optimal health: sleep, mindfulness/diaphragmatic breathing, nutrition, exercise and healthy relationships help you lose weight and feel GREAT.  Learn which foods sabotage your weight loss efforts and which foods enhance weight loss. Prioritize activities you enjoy to stay active daily and learn how to modify your fitness activities to enhance weight loss.  We will also focus on sleep and stress which are key factors in weight loss.


Weight loss = Your Journey of Transformation: shedding old ways & old beliefs that no longer serve you while EMBRACING NEW WAYS & NEW BELIEFS 

to nourish your mind, body, and spirit.




If you are dealing with an abusive relationship or have previously been in an abusive relationship, this workshop focuses on how to take good care of yourself: mind~body~spirit which is the path to finding your voice again, learning to trust your intuition again, and ultimately HEALING YOUR MIND~BODY~SOUL.  During the workshop, we focus on the 5 FUNDAMENTALS OF OPTIMAL HEALTH: SLEEP, MINDFULNESS/RELAXATION/MEDITATION/PROPER BREATHING, NUTRITION, STAYING PHYSICALLY ACTIVE , and HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS with opportunities to practice and discuss the different techniques and movements and educational information.

"We are all connected, and together we can help each other heal: emotionally, physically, and spiritually! The word Ubuntu is used as a greeting in Africa which signifies that we are who we are because of our relationships with others. Through our interconnectedness we can heal and grow becoming our best selves which creates our best world!" ~ Alicia  

Within our struggles and traumas lie our gifts.  It is our journey in rising above our struggles and traumas with the help of each other that we find our gifts and our best selves with extraordinary life lessons that teach us to live life at a higher level, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  Even the beautiful lotus flower grows in the muck & mud, a simple, yet powerful metaphor showing if we do our work on ourselves, our spirits will soar blossoming our souls into our best selves and living a life we love.


Raising Children is an EXTRAORDINARY JOURNEY!  We all want to give our children their best start in life, but sometimes feel lost along the way and each child is unique in their needs, character strengths, and learning styles. Do you know your child's character strengths and how to guide them in using their strengths through struggles? Learn how to enhance your child's brain, neuromuscular & motor skill development. Do you know crawling affects your child's brain and physical development? Learn how proper sleep, nutrition, physical activity, along with mindfulness & relaxation activities affect your child's development as well as your child's physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Do you know how daily mindfulness & relaxation activities can enhance your child's brain development, social behavior, grades, and test scores?


Develop your child's resilience which helps them develop a healthy self-esteem and perspective of the world around them and everything they experience. Learn how to nurture your child's spirit as they grow and develop. Learn how to honor your child's unique journey of growth through life holding their hearts safely in your hands during their joyful moments as well as their disappointments and struggles always remembering and honoring that it is their journey, not yours. We can not fix or eliminate their pain and traumas, but we can love them unconditionally and teach them to use the talents and gifts they were blessed with to rise above their struggles guiding them in their journey to become their best selves.





These workshops and the information provided are for guidance purposes, and are not intended to be a substitution for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician with questions regarding a medical condition, or interactions between supplements and prescription medications.